Welcome to your very own Adventure Box Kids FREE music plan.

We emphasise different skills each term. This term we are working on memory songs and percussion. We introduce new songs each week but also use one extended “Quiet Song” per term so the children end up after 12 weeks singing an entire 3 – 4 verses.

You want to make sure you have the following in your music bag before setting off with this plan.

1 x Class set of egg shakers (Any shaking percussion)

1 x Class set of scarves

1 x Play Parachute

Hello SongHello
Signed Nursery RhymeGalumpf went the little green frog
Second Language SongBacke Backe Kuchen
Instrument UsePlay with me
Percussion ExtensionLittle Johnny Dances
Memory SongOne man went to mow
Old Nursery Rhyme
Pop goes the weasel
Parachute Song
Sally Go Round the Sun
Movement Song ExtentionRaining it’s pouring
Quiet SongPuff the magic dragon
Signed Goodbye SongGoodbye Song

Begin by welcoming the children and having them “Show you your Hello Hands” I like the children to sit in a circle so that they can all see clearly. Dots on the floor or electrical tape is a great way to show them where they need to sit.

Sign language and second language songs are great for early years. Feel free to change the second language song to one you already know.

Play with me is starting and stopping with the instruments. I love to use shakers for smaller children and then drums or bells for the older 2 +.

Nursery rhymes have been around for years for a reason. Why not revisit some of the older nursery rhymes and teach your children some history.